" Tell Me what it is you plan to do with your ONE wild and precious life ?" ~ Mary Oliver

It takes a real man to wear PINK ...

Are You tough enuf ? G-man is ! From the time they told him he needed a cast he said he was getting a pink one, He says he doesn't care if people make fun of him or think he's crazy, He can handle it ! Then he told me " Mom you know it takes a real man to wear pink " ! So for the next 4 to 6 weeks everyone will know he's "the man" . Love ya bud get better soon

He's not quite as grouchy as he looks.

Memorial Day Picnic

We had a great picnic on Monday up in the field. Tons of good food and great fun, Lots of cousins to play with what more could the kids want

Grandma Arda got a new zipline for the kids, so we spent the morning setting it up. It was a little higher than I thought but all the kids and some of the grown ups loved it

Mark 's Ride

Paden's ride

Our Brave Little Girl

Cole's Ride

Garett 's Ride

And how better to end a great day of fun, Than with a trip to the emergency room

Garett broke his right arm, in not only one but two places. He will be in a cast for 4 to 6 weeks. Not exactly the way he planned to spend his summer !

He's a little grumpy !

PreSchool Program

Cole's days of PreSchool are over ! They had the end of the year program and are all ready to head to Kindergarden in the fall. Mrs. Higbee did a great job with them this year we could never thank her enough !
The Class

Cole leading the class and families in the Pledge

Cole and Paul playing with the blocks

Some of the kids dancing

Look at that balance

Beanbag Fun

Cole and Mrs. Higbee (aka Aunt Jeanne)

Magic Mountain & Dodgers Game

Mrs. Huntsman

Mr. Higbee

Mark and Bailee

Kimmy, Kennedy, Cheyenne, Traci


Traci, Wade, Jeffery, Bailee

Traci, Darian, Sarah

Last week Mark and I must have had a temporary lapse in our better judgement because we agreed to chaperone the Middle School feild trip to California.(It didn't take alot of convincing on my part I was a little apprehensive about sending my 12 year old down there without one of us) When you think about it it's a little scary Mark & I are big kids ourselves sometimes and we are suppose to be in charge. It turned out to be a great trip, the kids had a great time , the weather was fabulous, and the Dodgers WON what more could I ask for. Before we left I had great plans of taking lots of pictures especially at Dodgers Stadium, Since neither one of us have ever actually been. But I let one of the girls take some pictures on the bus and the camera got left on, and the batteries died. Believe it or not you can not buy batteries at a baseball stadium. So I'm sorry to report there are no pictures of magic mountain or the game, but we have 7 great pictures of kids on the bus. Ha Ha Ha ! I have to thank Paden for letting us go we had as much fun as the kids did, and I convinced all (well most)of the girls to becoming Russell Martin fans. By the end of the game they didn't even have to ask if it was him that was up to bat they just knew they had better be helping me cheer. :-) The bus ride home was very quiet as we had been up almost 24 hours at that point. We are definately getting old though neither one of us remember those bus seats being that uncomfortable in High School.