" Tell Me what it is you plan to do with your ONE wild and precious life ?" ~ Mary Oliver

3 little words

I'll Probably be In BIG trouble for posting this, but it's a chance I'm willing to take.. ;-) Coming home from a ball game last night ONE of the boys(see I'm not mentioning names) was texting "friends" and when he was losing service said he had to go and would talk to them later, to which HER reply was ok  I Love you, text me tomorrow..... Wow it's CRAZY the stir 3 little words can create, voices cracking, and hormones RAGING, oh my, he wasn't even sure he would be able to sleep last night.  I was kind of teasing him ,and he says Mom do you remember the first time dad said he loved you ? I'm sure you acted goofy too..

 Which got me thinking.. Problem is I still act goofy, when he tells me he loves me, He still takes my breath away, I still get excited when I see him walk in a room, or when he gives me that little wink when there are a lot of people around(which I know means I love you). I still get butterflies, when he send texts or leaves me a little note in an unexpected place. Is it weird that after all this time, we still like each other... to some yes it is, I've had people tell us to get a room, or say 'oh please' when I've gotten up to leave or go to the other side of a room and he gives me a little smooch... I guess with Valentines Day and our Anniversary both within the next week, it's made me think about it more.... But thats the kind of love I want for each of my kids, and thats the kind of love I want them to see growing up. It's ok to still be like silly teenagers sometimes. Because life definitely throws enough curves at us to keep us all grounded and in the real world most of the time. Is it always easy to be married or in love  ? Oh HE** no. We all know that, but I think we all need a little ok, ALOT of excitement and a whole lot of fun in our lives.  Let yourself love and act like we did when we were those silly hormone crazed teenagers, Then wish me luck dealing with mine.. I think I'm gonna need it.

January ? I think I lost you

If the whole year goes by as fast as January did, I'm in TROUBLE !!I can't believe February is here. This month brings lots of Birthdays, anniversaries, parties, and of course more basketball games. Cole is starting  wrestling camp today, and will make his wrestiling debut in Eureka on the 21st. Can't think of a better place to spend Presidents day(Yes- that was sarcasm). 
It's turned off cold again, I knew it was to good to last, who gets off with only a few weeks of cold weather ? Oh ya my Hawaii girls, (love you traitors) I'll be there soon... In my dreams that is. 
The kids got report cards and Tay, and Cole both got straight A's. and the boys did well they don't want their grades posted  ha ha.

I will post more later but just wanted to catch you all up quickly.. Love to all