" Tell Me what it is you plan to do with your ONE wild and precious life ?" ~ Mary Oliver

funny boys


These sweet little puppies joined our family about 5 weeks ago. Garett has 2 Heelers and now together we all have way to many dogs. Garett is and always has been an animal lover, so he is very particular about his dogs and how we do things with them. But recently Cole has taken a very active interest in these puppies. I'm sure because they are cute and playful, but they are getting big enough to be weened and mama is trying with all her might to do this. Garett and Cole have had other ideas on the subject though. I found them holding her down the other day so the puppies could eat, the other GREAT idea they had... They tried to milk her. Yes you heard right, I almost wet my pants laughing so hard, they were sure it would work and then everyone would be happy. After explaining this is NOT going to work. I thought we were home free, he's finding homes for them, (although it is quite the screening process) they are eating dog food No worries right ?
    Yesterday I came home to find this

Cole was In the dog house cuddling with this puppy because his mom had bit his head when it tried to nurse. He decided it needed some extra love and attention so for the next hour he and the puppy cuddled in the dog house....  I could hear him talking to it and loving it, then once agian in Cole fashion, he ask if it needed a Tylenol for it's headache..  Love this kid, he always keep me laughing !

*** I almost forgot the best part of the whole puppy experience, the type of dog these are usually don't have tails, So when they are just days old, we clip the tails. Garett and I have always done this but Cole wanted to help this time, So we let him... The first tail comes off and Cole gags and walks away crying.. A few min later he came back and ask us to  please stop he didn't like the sound they made. After explaining why we do it and that he didn't have to watch he looked at Garett and said
" It's a good thing I wasn't born with a tail, Mom would have cut it OFF "  
 What do ya say to that ?


Andrea said...

Ha! They are so cute.

Emiy said...

Thanks for the laugh! My kids love animals too. Do your kids train all these dogs? Thats what I need help with.

Michelle said...

I love it! That is classic. Keep us posted on Cole moments, I am going to need good laughs.