" Tell Me what it is you plan to do with your ONE wild and precious life ?" ~ Mary Oliver

A Huge Thanks

Just a quick Thank -You to all my friends and family that helped out and donated blood ! I know for some of you it was a huge thing but thanks for overcoming your fear and helping me attain my goal. They said it's very hard to get people out in the summer, and Alamo doesn't have the best record for donors anyway. They only set a goal for 15 donors buts thanks to all of you we got 24. Thanks a million, we never know when a loved one or even ourselves may be in need of blood. We need to each set a goal to give blood 3 times a year. Have great weekend, Love Ya all !

Blood Drive....

I'm in charge of the community Blood Drive for Alamo, on Thursday June 18 from 3:00 to 7:00 p.m. If anyone is intrested in giving blood please contact me to schedule an appointment. " Find the Hero in you, give Blood three times a year."

WOW ! There dressed up and clean

Since I had them dressed up, and somewhat clean I got a few cute pictures of them. It amazes me how fast they are all growing up. Before we know it they'll be grown. Sure love you guys !

Paden (12)

Garett (10)

Taylor (7)

Cole (5)

Stockton's Baptism

Stockton got Baptized yesterday ! It's crazy to think he's 8, that means Taylor is next. It was also the twins Birthday so after the Baptism we had pizza and cake it was a great evening.

Ken and Stockton

Ken, Tami and Stockton

All the grand kids

Tami, Braiden, and Addison

Happy Birthday !