" Tell Me what it is you plan to do with your ONE wild and precious life ?" ~ Mary Oliver

Home On The Range

Just a few pictures of us gathering cows. It's just about time to head North with them for the summer.

The Crew

Riding off into the sunset

Garett on Yellow Boy

Paden on Cash

Cole, Grandma Arda, and Taylor

Mark on Snip

Heading in with a few

Mutton Bustin

This may have been the highlight of the fair this year ! Both Taylor and Cole were able to enter the Mutton Bustin (Sheep Riding for those who don't know what it is). It was so cute. Cole went first and drew a bad sheep that just laid down on top of him in the shute so he got a re-ride. So Tay was then up she had an awesome sheep that ducked and dove all over the place and she held on clear to the end of the arena. So now it's Cole's turn again Mark told him to not let go for any reason and true to form with Cole he didn't and ended up winning the round. Which was great for him, not so great for big sister who had a melt-down. They bring the top 5 riders of the day back for a Championship Round and he did good again which only added to the drama for Taylor. He ended up winning $39 ( or as he says Firty-nine). He now thinks he's rich and wants to buy EVERYTHING he sees.

Taylors Ride

This was taken after and as you can see from the tear stains she was pretty sad.

Cole's Ride

And the winner is..............

Man of the Hour !

Clark County Fair 2009

Paden and His Pig That wouldn't eat !

Garett and His Pig

Brook , Cole, and Brett

Uncle Bri and Tyler

Kalli Hosier

Well the Clark County fair is officially over for 2009. It was alot of fun, alot of work, and alot of stress this year. Poor Paden right up until the morning of weigh-in had no idea if his pig was going to make weight or not. No matter what we did that stupid thing wouldn't gain weight. Go figure a PIG that won't eat who would have thought ! But she made it ! The boys did well, they both got blue ribbons, and sold there pigs for $4 a lb. We are so thankful for our buyers this year, with the economy the way it is we were all a little worried,but things worked out very well. Here are a few random pix of the kids and neices and nephews.