" Tell Me what it is you plan to do with your ONE wild and precious life ?" ~ Mary Oliver

Fun at the Park

It has been so nice the last few days I took the kids to the park. It is so fun to have this nice new park for the kids to play.

Cole being Superman

Brett & Addison


Brett, Braiden & Cole

Baby Brett

Kolby & CJ

Braiden & Addison


Moving Bulls

The Crew moving some bulls this morning. Taylor was absolutely thrilled because for she got to drive the ranger all alone. (with two older brothers that doesn't happen very often)

Mark on Snip

Garett on Yellow Boy & Paden on Cash

The Crew

It's hard to believe how big they are getting. But they are great help now !

Paden's 1st Game

Paden had his first Middle School Basketball Game this weekend. They played well but didn't win. It's crazy to think he's in Middle School,( it doesn't seem like that long ago Mark and I were in High School). He had a good game, he got a little nervous,and scored for the other team. We all thought it was funny, him not so much. Mark told him it's happened to the best of them, I don't think that helped much, it's a good thing he's so easy going. Keep up the good work Bud !

Dad Time

It seems like Dads never get to do anything that they enjoy, or anything just for fun. So after Paden's game Mark went and rode for a little bit, just for fun, and that doesn't happen very often. I love to watch him ride,there are those people that riding is just second nature to, I've always thought he was one of those people, and he has passed that on to our kids, especially Garett, I love to watch him and the kids ride. Cole is getting big enough to ride alone so it's fun for us all to go, that doesn't happen to often, but hopefully that will change once the weather warms up a little more.